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Our Mojo Fundraising Webstore

With our webstore you:
May choose to sell multiple rhinestone or screen print apparel designs and 2 rhinestone or vinyl decal designs.
May choose to sell various styles of apparel which includes hats,visors and bags.
May offer add-ons such as vinyl and/or Rhinestone personalization for any apparel item.

We ask the the webstore be open for a minimum of 3 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks
The organization must pay all cost upfront in order to have artwork designed for your webstore.

Our webstore prices are as follows:
$150 cost for basic webstore
$175 cost for basic webstore plus Our Mojo sorting, labeling and packaging all orders for you.

For a small fee of $25, you may re-open your webstore at a later date. Everything about the webstore needs to stay the same for this re-opening, other than the start and close dates.

We do not offer a “ship to home option” as part of our webstore. All items will be picked up and/or shipped to one location. If any organization cannot pick up its’ items, delivery charges will be applied before items are delivered.
If you are out of state, please call us to determine how you would like the items shipped and the cost of shipping.

Products will be delivered two weeks after close of store.

Any/all screen printed orders require a minimum of 12 pieces being ordered. If enough apparel is not ordered via the webstore, then the organization must purchase the additional pieces to equal the minimum number of pieces.

All apparel is available in Youth and Adult sizes. Sorry Toddler sizes are not available for our webstores.

Our MoJo will provide you with the following:
  • A link on our website to your webstore
  • Four custom or stock apparel designs
  • Two custom or stock car decal designs
  • Emailed Flyer to be distributed to your organization/members
  • Each order placed will be emailed to us to fulfill, and emailed to you to track how much you are selling
  • A sales reprentative to answer any of your questions
  • Sizing charts on your webstore so your clients can determine the best size for them to order
  • If requested, samples to display at your location. The cost of the samples is due at the time the order is placed. When possible, these samples may be used to fulfill orders.

You will provide us with the following:
  • Your approval on the designs selected
  • Your approval on the apparel selected
  • You will distribute the flyers either as hard copy or as an email to your members at launch of webstore
  • If doing webstore for 8 weeks, the flyer is to be distributed at least twice
  • When possible you will post the fundraising webstore information on your organization’s website or facebook page
  • Artwork or Banner for us to use as part of your “Welcome to our Webstore”
  • A person to pick up all orders at our office location once they are completed and ready
  • A contact person that will be assigned to coordinate the webstore on your end.