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I'm the Big Sister $24

How sweet! This one color design is written in child’s hand.

Shown: Peridot
Big Sis $24

This one color design is written in a stylish script.

Shown: Pink
Big Sister $26

The block lettering in this two color design proudly states lets you know who is wearing it!

Shown: Citrine and Peridot
Birthday Girl $24

Fancy little one color script lets you know whose special day it is!

Shown: Pink
Lil' Sis $24

Cute! One color script for Lil' Sis!

Shown: Pink
Princess Crown $26

So pretty! Three color design fit for royalty.

Shown: Crystal, Aqua and Pink
Princess Freehand $24

Two color stylish princess design.

Shown: Crystal and Pink
Soccer Princess $24

Two color design with a curly font for soccer royalty!

Shown: Pink and Crystal

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Consumer Product Notices: Due to new lead laws, these items are not recommended for persons under the age of 13. We will use rhinestuds for your product, if you prefer, for persons under the age of 13. Please note in the comment section if you prefer rhinestuds. If you purchase a rhinestone product for a child 12 and under, please note you are taking full responsibility for your action, as these items contain low levels of lead. CHOKING HAZARDS: Please know that loose rhinestones and rhinestuds represent a choking hazard to children and pets. Do not allow children or pets to have access to these items.

PRODUCT DISCLAIMER: Our Mojo takes pride in providing our customers with the highest quality products. Each of our products is handmade and therefore no two items are exactly alike. There will invariable be small discrepancies from time to time between the photograph on the website and the received item. Please note these small imperfections or inconsistencies are all part of the process of making handmade rhinestone apparel and decals